Help for professional bodybuilders: testosterone propionate

testosterone propionateProfessional bodybuilding is difficult to imagine without taking additional drugs such as steroids. One of the most common among them is testosterone propionate. Despite the fact that it is used to develop strength and build muscle mass, certain features make its use more appropriate during the cutting period. The market offers mainly Indian, Ukrainian and English drugs, which differ mainly in the content of the active substance, and therefore in effectiveness.

How does testosterone propionate de testosterone work?

It has several main areas of influence injection de propionate de testosterone:

  • a change in nitrogen balance in a positive direction - this effect is achieved due to the fact that gene transcription is specifically initiated with the help of the drug propionate de testosterone;
  • increased levels of insulin-like growth factor in muscles and liver;
  • accelerates muscle recovery.

The result of using this steroid drug is not only the growth of muscle mass and increased strength, but also fat burning, due to which the relief increases.
In addition, the drug propionate de testosterone increases libido and significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, which are quite common among professional bodybuilders.

Features of propionate de testosterone: what you need to know

This drug has a short duration of action, so injections usually need to be given every other day. On the one side, this may not be very good, but on the other hand, this same effect also has a positive side: it does not retain water in the body, which allows it to be used during the drying period. That is, it is rare that you will not be able to gain weight with the help of this drug, but the weight that the athlete gains will be of higher quality.

Propionate de testosterone is not only quickly eliminated from the body, but also quickly absorbed, so after the first injection you can see the result. It is very convenient that this drug propionate de testosterone is suitable not only for experienced bodybuilders, but also for beginner athletes.

It is important to follow the correct dosage, since high doses can cause a number of side effects, such as acne, baldness and prostate enlargement. If you do not exceed the dosage, you don’t have to worry about such effects.

At the same time, this drug is not recommended for women, since it has high androgenic activity and can lead to masculinization.