My internet speed test

Ускорьте мой интернет-тест

The trouble with the Internet is irritating

  • A website is loading so slowly that it seems to take an eternity; you cannot download or upload a file, watch YouTube, Netflix, scroll Instagram, or even listen to music online. Everyone has faced such a situation many times. It may lead to serious consequences. The worldwide web is now an integral part of our daily routine. We need it to work, study, communicate. Poor Internet connection is a common problem. It comes up unexpectedly, but often it can be easily solved. You should call your provider. Before this, test Internet speed. This is a simple operation you can do yourself with the service.

What should you do to test the Internet speed?

  • The speed of connection shows how fast data is transferred from a server to a customer and back. It is measured in Mbps. People often ask whether there is a perfect speed index. The answer is no. It is impossible to define one number that works for everyone. For different operations, you need different speeds. The quality of the connection depends on the total amount of devices connected to the network at once. In general, the higher the number, the better the connection. Apply our platform and check the speed easily. Make sure that VPN is off. Open the page, press “Start”, and wait a few seconds. After the result is displayed, you can save it as an image. Know more

Platform with a lot of benefits

    • We have developed a platform that has numerous advantages. It is available for free and without registration. Perform as many tests as you need. It takes you up to a minute to see what the speed of connection is. The interface is easy to use. The platform can be opened and used on a computer or on a mobile device. Users are allowed to identify the IP, provider, and country. There are 4 supported servers to check with. Convenience is our priority. We make the best service for you. Hundreds of people use this platform every day. Follow the link