How to make money on YouTube

YouTube is not only a video production platform, but also an opportunity for users to earn money. By creating your own channel, you can get good money. True, you have to spend your time and be ready for initial investments, but if it doesn’t scare you, try it.
This article will look at ways to make money by having your own YouTube channel.
Channel monetization
YouTube’s official monetization starts when a minimum of 1,000 people are subscribed to a channel and the number of watched hours has reached 4,000 per year. Obtaining these numbers illegally - with the help of bots and markups - will not work, but its easy to get youtube views on The administration will calculate and ban the channel. Only real people watching your content will be considered by the system. The size of payments may vary by an order of magnitude and depends on the popularity of the channel and its theme. The maximum income reaches hundreds of thousands of rubles. Payments are made once a month. The main question is how to lure potential subscribers and how to constantly maintain their interest.
Partnership programs
There is a way to earn money on YouTube without monetization. To do this, advertise products of various companies in your videos and place links to the websites of these companies in the description of the video. When viewers click on them, you will receive a percentage of profit from the sale of goods. It’s important to immediately decide what products you’ll be telling your channel visitors about.
Direct video ad
This method is only suitable for owners of very well-known channels. Large companies can send you their goods so that they can be unpacked and evaluated in real time. Some successful bloggers receive offers for up to 100,000 rubles. One of the options for this method is advertising not products, but other, less popular channels. The price of such services is always negotiable.
Advertising your product
Many small store owners set up a YouTube channel to sell their own products. In the videos you can describe all the advantages of the product and tell how to contact you for a purchase. The effectiveness of such a lesson depends on the relevance of your proposals to a wide audience.
This is the newest, but quite relevant way to earn money. Subscribers and ordinary viewers send money directly to the owner of the channel. Most often this happens online. The amount of donations may be different, so this option for generating income is not very reliable and stable. But some bloggers are sometimes sent large sums of money. In addition, for the largest channels there is a sponsorship subscription system. In this case, people pay for exclusive content and a private chat system. Most often, only devoted fans of a blogger become sponsors.
Channel rental and sale
If you have no time to manage the channel, but there are already enough subscribers on it, take the opportunity to temporarily transfer the channel for rent to interested parties. Income can be divided in different proportions, depending on the conditions. It is advisable that the theme of the tenant is not much different from the old content of your channel.
In the end, if for some reason you cannot take the time to work with the YouTube channel, just sell it. This one-time income will also not be superfluous.