Hottest industries for young business developers from Viacheslav Brahinets

business developersNew graduates in business development have many career opportunities. Some industries, such as technology, are always on the rise, and job seekers may naturally gravitate toward these fields. However, many other sectors can provide incredible job opportunities and growth potential for recent graduates.

The most promising industries for business development

Below is a list of the most popular industries for new business development professionals to explore:

  • Human Resources: «human professionals», also known as HR professionals, are changing the workforce for the better. They increase employee engagement, promote cultural excellence and lead professional development. Technologies and tools in the «human space» have shown exponential growth in recent years and will continue to grow to keep people a priority in the workplace.
  • Personalized health and nutrition: there are no more one-size-fits-all approaches to diet. People are starting to realize that their bodies have different dietary needs. Some companies are already capitalizing on this new personalized health wave by offering healthy food delivery and redesigning snacks in new ways, like sun-dried tomato chips.
  • Construction: сollaborating with a company that handles new construction and renovation projects ensures that you will always be busy no matter the economic situation. During a boom, you can focus more on new construction projects and shift your focus during an economic downturn.
  • Healthcare: newly graduated specialists should run to the nearest available medical center. The such industry provides several components of a satisfying career: purpose, challenging challenges, and generous rewards.
  • Life sciences and biotechnology: in the rapidly growing life sciences industry, biotechnology represents one of the most exciting graduate opportunities, with the most significant potential to work with companies that deliver meaningful, life-saving results.

The best option to succeed in business development is to love your job. Every market needs business development, so assuming you have plenty of opportunities, choose one you plan to stick with for the next five to ten years.